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I'm not just a designer; I'm a 3D philosopher and artist who weaves context and stories into every creation. Just like nature constantly evolves, my inspiration draws from its principles, combining them with cutting-edge materials and technology to give life to limitless ideas.

My journey began in Belgrade, Serbia, in the early '90s, amidst the stark beauty of brutalist architecture interwoven with the tranquility of parks and rivers. In 2014, I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade with a Bachelor's in Industrial Design. That same year, I was honored with the first-place award at Belgrade Design Week as the best young designer.

Fast forward to 2021, and I found myself on the international stage at Dubai Design Week as part of their esteemed Downtown Design program. Over the past seven years, my work has continued to grow and diversify, spanning from collaborations with Swiss watch manufacturers to pioneering startups in autonomous vehicle technology from the USA, and from revered European companies to global giants like Airbus, P&G, Nokia, Nestle, and Carrefour.

My creations have graced exhibitions around the world, with notable appearances at events such as:

  • Dubai Design Week - "Downtown Design" (2021) in Dubai, UAE

  • "Tangible Intangibility" (2018) in Krakow, Poland

  • "Drone Expo" (2016) in Berlin, Germany

  • "Zagreb Design Week 2014" in Zagreb, Croatia

  • "Belgrade Design Week #9" (2014) in Belgrade, Serbia

  • "52nd International Motor Show 2015" in Belgrade, Serbia

  • "Mixer 2015: Neizdrž" Festival (2015) in Belgrade, Serbia

My mission is to transform perceptions and disrupt monotony through my work, all while staying true to the essence of nature and its evolving beauty.

Welcome to my world of design and philosophy, where context becomes art, and stories become reality.

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