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​The Gerridae are a family of insects in the order Hemiptera, commonly known as water striders, water bugs, pond skaters, water skippers etc.


As technology advances so do opportunities. The global use of drones is ever growing, however commercial and civil-use drones do not yet play the important role they should. The notion that autonomous aircraft are restricted, via cost and law, to government and military uses is vastly diminishing, and civil drones have become the next frontier. Imagine a doctor has the capability to deliver desperately needed medical supplies, such as urgently needed medicine, lab samples, or banked human blood from one hospital to another.The doctor places the goods into the cargo drone that is to be designed in this challenge and the drone is on its way to another hospital or laboratory. Consider use-cases such as regular trips between several hospitals and a centralized special laboratory or a scenario around disaster response or humanitarian aid in developing nations.

It's made out of ABS plastic because it has high UV resistance and it's though enough to survive all conditions. This drone has​ 5 Neuemotors 2215/2Y, powered by Kokam 3.7V 3200mAh batteries. Rotors and propellers are from TMotor company. U11 is rotor model and propellers sign is T6535-A CCV made out of carbon fiber. I’ve choose Neuemotors 2215/2Y because they have a lot of power and in combination with all of these components make perfect system. Cargo is sliding down, under the drone when it's landed.


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