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I fell in love of surfing at a first wave. As a beginner surfer and designer, I asked myself what can be done in the field of surfboard design? After some research and thinking I’ve realized that there is not much variety on the market.

Slight changes in the shape of the board and graphics. But I was still sure that something can be done.

One early morning at the pool, I spotted an amazing sun reflections on the surface of the water. It was an instant idea. But, a question remained: how can I bring these reflections into my project and avoid pure vinyl graphic pasting on the board?

After the intensive research, I’ve focused my thinking on something more than a graphic approach. How to pick the material that can bring benefit and additional experience to the users? Can something be done in a structural design of a board? Is there a way to connect these questions? Inspired by the sun reflections on the water, I’ve tried to recreate them and give surfers a  new perspective and experience.


Having a transparent “sandwich” construction, it gives a user a chance to see and enjoy the flora and fauna under the surface of a water. Having this function, this board is ideal for a paddle and classic surfers.

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