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MORPHEUS was the Greek God responsible for the dreams of people. When in the arms of Morpheus people would enjoy a sound sleep, but would also see dream about their future or even coming events. Morpheus was the dream messenger of Gods, communicating the divine messages through images and stories, created as dreams.

In past years, parents have had tough nights as they wondered how their newborns were during sleep. Unable to communicate effectively, newborns are especially at risks. Without any data, parents were need to take guess is everything OK with their babies.

The device is clean and pure, without sharp edges or anything that can put in danger the baby. Since the sensor will be place on the bed with baby, it has a sleek and elegant design. It also has a flat bottom that makes sure that can’t roll over easily and more importantly for the sensor to work. A parent should place the sensor next to a baby to maximize sensor readings.


Camera station is AC power wire connected. Placed near by the sleeping bed so that the camera is monitoring the baby. For That reason it is suitable to be placed on a wall, bedside cabinet or clipped on a wall of a cradle. Camera records movements, day and night, of the infant and combine them with the data that it gets from the Base. It will also record sound and all gathered data will be stored on Micro SD card and it will be sent to parents phone via app.


The Base will be placed in bed, not too far away from the baby. It will be cordless and battery operated. This sensor will connect to the base station via WiFi or Bluetooth. It has a button on top to turn on or off. This button is  big enough so that parents can reset the device easily even while they are holding baby. The Base also has a light, so when it is on, parents will be able to spot it easily in dim light. It’s powered by two AA batteries. If the infant is strong enough to lift the Base, with consideration that also can be put into the mouth.

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