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Velocita is a professional footwear for car racing. Designed in compliance with FIA standard 8856- 2000. They are different from all other racing footwer mostly because it’s made basicly from two pices: upper collar and face. The upper collar allows flexibility of a foot, but also keeping it firm with rest of a foot.  Materials used for this shoes are suede calfskin for outside of a shoe, Nomex® and rubber for sole.

Two belts with velcro on each shoe are precisley possitioned to give a maximum straining, necessary for a good feel for pedals. Belts are going two ways so the chance to open them by mistake during a race are brought to minimum. Putting on these shose is also faster and easier because of them.

Velocita shoes are incredibly flexible and light. Every detail on this model is adjusted for a serial production. Blue and orange color symbolises a legendary Gulf livery. Roughly, there is more than 50 bigest car racing categories and about 2000 drivers in them. One of the most important equipment for them might exactly be these shoes. Velocita offers everything for everyone!      

These shoes were designed and developed with two greatest Serbian drivers: Milos Pavlovic and Nemanja Milovanovic. Approved by the best!

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