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FSAE- Auto(R) design competition 2014

Fluidity. That word was a guideline in this project. Designed in compliance with FSAE 8192013 rulebook. This design have biomorphic form. Harmony of paralel fluid lines has been brought to perfection. On upper side of nose, I’ve created an area to channel the airflow and to increase downforce on straight lines. Also there are areas on a side of a nose to channel the air to the air vents.

Because of the speeds that these cars are reaching, I have thrown out regular wings and instead, placed a tail fin. Tail fin increases downforce in corners, but it doesn’t make resistance in straights. This type of spoiler is used now on 2014 Le Mans Prototype cars, but it was also on legendery Jaguar D-type.  Wheelbase  is 1800 mm, but the driver position is normal, by FIA rulebook.

Bodywork can stand for itself like a sculpture. Beautiful shape was inspired by nature forms, like sharks. This concept is attainable, and it can be made out of six pieces, so that every piece can be removable so the judges can have a clear view on the mechanics. Every single piece of this design is done with special attention to details. Pattern on side air vents are inspired by the american Indy cars from 1930s.

Logo of the sponsors can be placed on top side of a nose and on a tail fin, so the form for itself can still be beutiful and readable. This formula is designed by a rulebook and holes in it. It’s intended to be beautifully shaped and driven very fast. And it’s ready to conquer the FSAE Championship.

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