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“We strongly believe that green energy and digital technology are the main drivers for making our city smarter, economical and self sustainable.” - D Idea Media

Dubai Municipality asked D Idea to develop the concept for sustainable beach lighting system powered by the wind. Beside lighting features, it will also pro- vide general informati about the temperature, swimming condi- tions, current time, emergency button & the Blue Flag environ- mental status. Wind turbine by it self is enough to generate 10kw per day. Below turbine is public light of 500w of LED, what is equivalent of 5000w of halogen light.

Ambient lighting is below ring and it is enough to light area of 70m2. Pole body have two banners 50x220cm, four text LED message signs, two LED clocks, two security cameras and emergency button.


Pole construction is made from steel thrust frame and covered with fiber glass cladding.


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